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01 November 2012

A Night Just For Me

Photo from a chow life

On a night earlier this week, I found myself alone in my house.
I mean, Addie was here, but she had just barely gone to sleep after a good half hour of frantic sobs (it's been a pattern with her lately, no matter how many times I go in to comfort her).
Chad had late class and meetings so he wouldn't be home until well after dinnertime. 

What to do?

I could do the dishes; there were more cups and spoons in the sink than in the cupboards. Many more.
Nah. Leave them.
I could read my book or catch up on reading blogs.
No, no. I need something exciting! Practice being spontaneous!

So I created a night just for me.
I didn't necessarily do or eat or think about my absolute favorite things in the world.
But on that particular night, they were just what I needed.
Just what I wanted!
And doing what I want hasn't exactly been the center of my attention lately.

My night included these things:
  • extra-large sweatpants and my tremendously comfortable bed
  • You've Got Mail, the movie that speaks to my soul
  • Papa John's pizza delivered to my door (You mean I can actually order pizza for myself?)
  • a grapefruit, halved and sectioned, then eaten with a spoon
  • cinnamon-cider candle flickering next to me
If you were to take a night for yourself tonight, 
what would it include?


  1. oh Claire, that sounds like the perfect evening. We love love love papa johns.

    Its so rare to get an evening without Nate, which I'm glad, cause I like him a lot. But I think it would include some of the same things as yours, some comfy clothes, yummy food (especially sweets - candy and ice cream) and a chick flick.

    Love it.

    1. So true that a night without your husband isn't the ideal night. I think Chad's absence is what made me reach out to other things for comfort.
      Isn't there just something about being comfy, eating yummy food, and watching a chick flick, though? With your husband if he'll allow the chick flick part!

  2. I love You've Got Mail! It used to be the only chick flick we had in the house. I would watch it over and over on VHS.

    "A bouquet of sharpened pencils!"

    "So often things I see in my life remind me of something I've read in a book when, shouldn't it be the other way around?"

    And, my whole life:

    "I don't need an answer. I just want to send these words out into the void..."

    1. YES! And to think, I had no idea you also loved that movie. We are kindred spirits, for sure.

  3. Oh my gosh, I need to jump on the You've Got Mail train!

    1. Uh, yeah! I can't believe you've never seen it! Maybe for our next girls' night?

  4. Dear Claire,
    We miss you. :)

    Love, All of your readers

    But more importantly, I hope you had a truly wonderful holiday season full of family and love and Christmasing. What's more, I hope 2013 is looking just as bright-eyed delicious as ever. Love you!


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