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22 October 2012

Blogging: A Love-Hate Relationship

Claire, you have this completely annoying habit of obsessing over your blog for a few weeks (even posting multiple times a day sometimes) and then throwing yourself into an I-hate-blogging, blogging-stinks, who-do-I-think-I-am-anyway-Naomi-Davis? mood that lasts until you remember some things.
I'm going to list those things for you now.
You will do well to remember them.

1. You are Claire Ford and no one else. You cook and dress and write with your own unique style. That is all you can ask of yourself. That is all anyone expects of you anyway.

2. Your best ideas come when you forget about following the trends.

3. Your best ideas come when you have an open notebook and an uncapped pen on your person. Record everything you feel the need to record. This is how you sort your thoughts. This is how you clear your mind.

4. True, you prefer handwritten letters to emails and feel much more accomplished after three hours of reading a printed book than after three hours of scrolling through a blog. But you also have to live in the twenty-first century. Embrace the technology. Use it for good.

5. You're going to write anyway. Your mind doesn't survive otherwise. Why not share those writings? get feedback? fuel a conversation?

6. Claire, you have marvelous friends. Reach out to them. You need them and they need you. It's collaboration, remember?

7. Let's face it: You're much better at expressing yourself in writing than in spoken words. Use this blog as a platform to practice sharing yourself with others. Find the interesting things about yourself and write about them. What makes you you? Be interested in yourself and others will be interested in you.


  1. Okay, I know I just commented, but I really need to comment again here :)

    I feel such similar things about blogging... and life in general. I'm no writer, but I connect so much with the sentiment you discuss here. I've got this ongoing battle in my mind about whether or not I like blogging - does it help me? make me feel anxious and compare myself? I think the answer can be both, depending on how I let it work in me. And I struggle with the technology of it too, but I know you're right, we've got to embrace it.

    I've always admired you so much, and to see you feeling the same way I do in some respect makes me stop myself for a second and remind myself of your number one. But this time it's me. I am Katrina Nelson and no one else.

    Thank you for letting me peak into your thoughts and share my own here. Thank you for being Claire Ford.

    1. Katrina, THIS is why blogging is great. What you just said absolutely made my night, proved my own point to myself, and reinvigorated me to share myself with others. All at once. THANK YOU. For real.

      You are Katrina. I am Claire. We will be our own selves and be proud of it! It's okay that writing isn't your chosen Katrina-outlet (of course you know this); I happen to know that you take stunning photographs unlike any I've ever seen. And I'm eager to learn more about what makes you tick.

      Isn't it wonderful that we all have something to add to this world?
      We all have something to share. Let us go out and share it!

  2. loved this. so glad i'm not the only one who feels the love-hate and compares myself.. that naomi & co is too cute for words. seriously!??! anyway, i am with you, claire. keep it up. we should get together someday (with our red-heads) and talk. even if our written words are better. conversing over cocoa could be fun. keep blogging. keep going. you are you.

    1. Dear Marta, my answer is yes. When? Where?

  3. I am saving this list for myself! Thank you. Much needed.

    1. Meg, lately I need this list every other day. Why do we have this blogging/perfection complex? I sure hope the list helps you on a day when you don't feel like writing...because I always feel like reading what you write.

  4. Claire! I love your handwriting. You should scan or take pictures of your little notes to yourself (I told Lyndsi to do this too because you know how she's so pretty!) Just an idea :)


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